3 Reasons Remote Technical Support Can Be Beneficial For Small Companies

One of the most important, yet often overlooked, decisions a small business owner has to make is how to go about sourcing IT support. If you need round-the-clock assistance, but don't have the resources to hire an IT team just yet, remote technical assistance may be perfect for you. Here are three reasons why:

Avoid Paying for Idle Time

As the owner of a small business, you'll know that efficiency is absolutely vital to maintaining a positive turnover. Particularly if you are just starting out on your new venture, paying for idle time can be a major leak in your company's expenditure. As such, you'll want to cut this time down to a minimum and pay only for services that help your company grow.

With that in mind, remote technical support can help keep your expenditure to a minimum by ensuring you are only paying for productive time. Technicians will charge by the hour for their services, and their hourly rate can quickly accumulate into a significant expenditure for your company. Of course, this fee is also charged for "non-productive" time such as travelling to and from your office. While larger companies can pay this additional cost without much thought, it is an unnecessary leak to your business accounts and can be avoided by choosing remote tech support.

With remote technical assistance, your chosen technician can get to work on your system right away. By simply logging in and taking control of your computer, the technician can get to work right away solving the majority of software issues you're likely to experience on a day-to-day basis.

Access Support Anywhere in the World

As an entrepreneur, it's likely you'll be spending the majority of your time on the go. Whether you're out at clients' offices, attending networking events, or pitching your new business venture to potential investors, it's unlikely that you'll spend a lot of time fixed in one place. When you're on the road, your personal laptop is your most important asset (aside from your well scripted pitch!). All of your presentations and sales forecasts require a computer, so it's imperative that your technology is ready to go at any given minute.

This is where remote technical assistance can really give you the confidence you need when away from the office. Rather than worrying about finding a local repair company -- or having to troubleshoot the problem yourself while your assistant hangs on the other end of a telephone -- you can simply contact your tech support company and let them deal with any problems you are experiencing. There are a number of different software available that allow your remote technician to log into your computer and carry out the necessary procedures. Not only is this much more cost-efficient, but it also allows you to use the same company regardless of your global location. Having a reliable partner on your side wherever you are will add tangible benefit to your small business. 

Access to a Wealth of Experience

Small business owners typically have two choices to consider when looking for IT support – to hire employee(s) to carry out the work in-house, or to outsource technical work to remote support companies. With the former, you are limited to your employees' experience, and as a small business owner, you will unlikely be able to afford a full IT team on your payroll.

With remote tech support companies, however, you have access to all of their staff's experience. If a problem is proving difficult, remote support companies can brainstorm among themselves to come up with a solution. Rather than being limited by the knowledge of one or two professionals, you have an entire company on your side ready to tackle the most technically demanding of IT challenges.

By choosing remote technical support from a company, such as iTOK, you increase your company's profitability, have access to round-the-clock international support, and have an entire team of fully qualified professionals on your side if things go awry. These key advantages will give you the peace of mind you need to allow you to focus on what you do best – liaising with clients and winning work for your business.