Got A Cracked iPhone Screen? - Here Are Your Repair Options

You can drop your phone dozens of times on concrete, accidentally knock it off your desk, and even slam it in your car door without it receiving a scratch. Then, one day you drop it on the linoleum tiled kitchen floor and a small but pronounced crack appears on the screen. This may not be exactly what happened to your iPhone, but the result is still a cracked screen nonetheless. Since you will need to pay for iPhone repair sooner than later, here are the options that you have and the benefits and drawbacks you can expect with each one.

Try A Smartphone Screen Repair Kit

They're cheap, they're plentiful, and according to online reviews, they seem to work for most iPhone users pretty well. Although you may end up with an iPhone repair that you did all on your own, the big problem with going this route is the warranty that came with your phone.

The minute that you go tinkering with your iPhone and take it apart so that you can insert a new screen, you won't be able to get any other type of iPhone repair covered by Apple again. Consider whether you want to save money doing your own iPhone screen repair or maintain warranty coverage on your smartphone in case something else happens to it.

Go To An Apple Store

It may seem obvious, but a lot of people that require some type of iPhone repair seem to completely forget that there are Apple stores where they can have all sorts of phone issues taken care of on site. While you have your screen repaired, you can ask any of the Apple repair technicians around about other issues that you are having with your phone so this option is both smart and convenient. 

Many iPhone fans go to Apple stores because they are generally able to make small iPhone repairs such as cracked screens and software issues while you wait. If your cracked screen can't be fixed you get to go home with a replacement iPhone that has been synced with all your saved data.

Find An Authorized iPhone Repair Service

Some people live in places where there aren't any Apple stores around and others simply have preferred electronics repair retailers that can fix iPhones and other devices. You might need to make a phone call to be sure that your preferred electronics repair store is actually authorized by Apple to make repairs to your iPhone, but that's pretty much all you will need to do. Expect to get your iPhone back with a crack free screen quickly, and you may also get a service guarantee on your repair. For more information, contact companies like Metro Computer Games and iRepair.