Signs A Computer Hardware Repair Issue Is In Your Future

Computer hardware repair has become a fact of life for many businesses and individuals. Getting ahead of potential problems is critical, especially if you're concerned about losing documents, photos, data, and other items you care about.

It can be helpful to know how to identify pending trouble with a computer. Here are 6 issues you need to be on the lookout for.

Sudden Shutdowns or Freezes

A computer will occasionally have its bad moments, but shutdowns with no errors shown on the screen are bad news. It's not uncommon for these problems to slowly creep up on you. What starts out as an annoyance once a month may start occurring once a week or even day. Especially if you notice an increasing rate of failure, it's time to talk with a hardware repair professional.

Irregular shutdowns and freezes are also another sign of trouble. A predictable event, such as one involving a specific program, usually indicates a problem with a device driver. That's usually easily correctable. Unpredictable events are never good signs.

Loss of Data

Problems writing information to the drives usually are indicative of some sort of hardware issue. It may be the drives themselves, or there may be issues with other components. For example, motherboard malfunctions sometimes first manifest as hard drive misfires.

Everything Runs Slowly

Many modern computer systems are designed to adapt to increasing problems. For example, most CPUs will throttle themselves down to reduce overheating. The net effect is that the machine may keep running, but performance will degrade. You might not even notice the performance degradation until the system gets to the point it takes minutes to load the web browser.


Unless you're running a high-end video card in a computer, there's no reason that noticeable amounts of heat should come out of it. Even compact and poorly ventilated systems should stop at the line of just being warm.

Shutdown Takes Forever

This is an odd one, and many folks just leave it be for a long time because it doesn't necessarily inconvenience them. Note that a long shutdown isn't an issue if the machine is doing things like running updates. It's only a problem if shutting down takes forever without there being an obvious reason.

A Scrambled Screen

If the graphics on the screen seem to be scrambled, there may be trouble. Fortunately, you can first check the cables. If everything is wired up tightly and problems still appear, it's time to talk with a pro.

For more information, contact a computer hardware repair service.