How A Switch To Managed IT Services Can Boost Your Freelancing Business

Are IT issues frustrating your delivery in freelancing gigs? If you are not an IT-savvy freelancer, you are on your own. There is no one to diagnose those frequent crashes that might be a sign that your computer is hacked. These IT troubles distract you from your core tasks as a freelancer. Managed IT services offer the perfect alternative. With a good internet connection, you have 24/7 support on tasks such as software upgrades from managed IT providers. Switching to managed IT services will boost your freelancing in various ways.

Information Security 

Cybersecurity should be a big concern when you do not have someone managing your home or office network. On top of your private data, you are handling client data. A breach through a hack can expose you to severe financial and legal penalties. Your customer reviews on freelancing platforms would also be horrible. 

You could also suffer a ransomware attack that cripples your operations. Managed IT services offer the latest information security tools and techniques to protect you remotely. You can work confidently knowing you are enjoying top-notch network and data security.

24/7 Support 

Even mundane IT issues can cripple your work if you don't have the technical savvy to diagnose and fix them. For example, your computer could keep crashing because a software auto-update is incompatible with your computer's operating system or other dependent software.

Managed IT providers take away all these mundane hassles and make your work uninterrupted. For example, they will diagnose your frequent crashes as incompatibility, uninstall the problematic update, or apply a patch. All this is done online. You don't have to spend hours looking for a computer repair technician. Fewer interruptions translate to more productivity.

Remote Storage and Backup

Storing your data locally exposes it to a risk of data loss. For example, a fire in your apartment will destroy all your hard disks and backup flash drives. It could set you back in a big way to lose business data, including special software.

Managed IT services offer flexible backup cloud storage. You upgrade to a larger storage package as your business grows. The biggest advantage of cloud storage is in business recovery and resilience. If your local data is lost, you can download the backup and continue working. It brings continuity in unexpected translocations or disasters. 

Would you like to see more productivity in your freelancing? Talk to managed IT providers about a suitable package.