Payroll Employees: 4 Ways UEBA Can Help Detect Suspicious Behavior

When hiring someone to work in a payroll department, they are granted access to sensitive data for your company. Digital company data can include banking information, account information, and personal employee information. It's important to keep this data protected through threat detection software. Along with traditional virus software, you can have UEBA software installed to detect personal threats and suspicious activity from payroll worker accounts. UEBA stands for user and entity behavior analytics and this type of software can be used for to help detect four types of behaviors that go beyond a typical virus or cyber attack. [Read More]

Prevent Hackers From Accessing Your Computer While Traveling For Business

For business travelers, working on a laptop in a hotel room is standard operating procedure. Using a public Wi-Fi connection at a hotel, however, poses security threats. Anyone can access data sent over public Wi-Fi connections, and, according to the FBI, it's difficult to trace hacks that originate on public connections. Both factors make these networks especially attractive to hackers. There are ways to stay safe while using a public connection, though. [Read More]